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          Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. It reduces acidity and enhances energy levels in your body. Alkaline water increases blood flow and improves immunity. It fights high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. The antioxidants in it extensively hydrate and filter out free radicals in your body.

Best water purifier in kochi

Austinroz offers the best water purifier in Kochi. We offer a wide variety of water purifiers that are suitable for companies, homes or any other business. Also we are providing the best water purifiers made with the latest technology at affordable prices across Kochi and Kerala. We also use technologies like RO, UV, UF and ALKALINE. In addition, for the first time in Kerala, we are providing a unic meta sensing system in water purifiers.

Through the various purification stages we use, you get good clean drinking water from the purifier.

Purification Stages

  • Ro
  • UV
  • Alkaline
  • Activated Carbon
  • Post Carbon
  • Sediment
  • Micron Filter
unic sensing technology in water purifier
Our Story
Established in 2004,
Austinroz brings you grade one water purifiers and water treatment
equipment that enhances the purity and cleanliness of water.
Our Specialities
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified organisation
  • Application specialists in UV & RO
  • Satisfied users
  • Range to suit most requirements
  • Dependable after sales service
  • Proven track record of over a decade
What Our Customers Say
I have been using water purifier bought from Aquafresh Capita for the past 6 months.On time delivery and timely service is a good quality of Austinroz India Pvt Ltd water purifiers.I recommend everyone to use Austinroz water purifers. SANIL KUMAR, NOD 365
Pure Drinking Water is the life line for all. Mr. Noby Mon M Jacob has undertaken the responsibility of providing Purity in drinking in water. I have ordered a water purifier on the day of our Infinity chapter meeting and by evening the system was installed at our house by the very same evening with well trained technician. the system is functioning well. Our family's health has considerably increased by the use of the pure water. Thank you Noby and wish you all the best in your noble endeavour. GEORGE THOMAS, UNIVERSAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION
This is to testify the services extended by Mr.Noby & his team on installing the STP for one of my Hotel Projects at Changanacherry. Even though there was a lot of hindrances like lock-down, space constraints etc, he and his manage everything very efficiently and completed the task in time. Thank you Noby and team. NIDHEESH JOSE, KM'S GREEN ISLAND RESORT
Thank you for the Water Purifier installed in my living space. You forward every operations quickly, I got the connection with out any headache you service team also did well. Thank You once again..keep doing well BENJAMIN ROY, HEKUR CONTRACTORS PVT LTD
I have been living at Kochi from the year 2012 But when i met Noby by Oct of 2017 only , i realized the necessity of water purifier at home. The water normally we consume in a city like kochi , contains many abnormal elements and harmful micro organisms . With the insight given by Noby, i started using his Water Purifier and i started experiencing the difference in the quality of water I highly recommend his products Thank You AMARNATH SANKAR, CAT ENTERTAINMENTS PVT LTD
"KUDIKKUNNA VELLATHILUM VENAM VISHWASAM" thank you noby for the excellent service rendered. It's a fantastic water dispenser with hot n cold water and there is a fridge compartment too!!! We can keep juice packs and other related to be refrigerated stuff inside. It's a good looking and silent machine. I would recommend everyone to have in their office whole heartedly thanking you Dr Mohamad Abdulla Dr Teeth Specialist dental clinic Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Teeth Specialist Dental Clinic.
We are pleased with the services of Mr Nobymon and his company Autinroz India Pvt Ltd. I have given an order to Austinrosz for installing a water purifier at Bhavans Adarsha Vidyalaya and the school authority is very happy with the quality of the product, installation and services provided and specifically to mention the timely delivery of the same. You have kept a high standard of professionalism and this has given me the confidence to recommend your company and services to all in my contact. Truly a very reliable company in this sector and will surely be generating more business referrals to Autinroz without any second doubt. Thank you. ARUN SASI, GENOBI SERVICES PVT LTD
Valuable Customers

Why we are best in
Water Treatment Service in kochi

Today, Keralites are facing a lot of health problems. Polluted water plays a vital role in this. We can face a lot of health problems if the water is not treated properly. We started a company called Austinroz to change that. In a short span of time, we were able to become one of the best water treatment company in Kochi.

Plenty of water related issues have already been resolved in Kochi and across Kerala. After listening to the needs of the customers who approach us, we tell them a clear plan. Therefore, they get a clear and good result without losing money and time. So that's the reason for we are called best water treatment company in kochi.

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